Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Small business running for cordon

Despite all the difficulties and challenges of doing business in Russia, to leave the country, Russian businessmen do not hurry. On whether the associated businesses and their future leaders to the country where they work, depends way of doing business, and long-term plans and investments, and general concern for the welfare of the country. Find out what the real life and the business plans of Russian entrepreneurs, and what determines which depend on these plans, and became a topic of conversation Helena Schedrunovoy c deputy director of the Institute for Comparative Social Research in Ann Andrienkovoy radio studio ...

Schedrunova: Hello. At the microphone, Elena Schedrunova. Often you can hear conversations in the belief that entrepreneurs are simply business people, active people are going to leave the country because it is difficult to do business here, they see no prospects for themselves. To be honest, I often hear a similar opinion in a conversation with your friends, including those who own businesses in the country and is engaged in. But, nevertheless, to understand how massive these sentiments, help is usually case studies. One of them held by the Institute for Comparative Social Research. Our guest is the deputy director of the Institute of Anna Andrienkova. Anna, hello.

Andrienkova: Hello. Very nice.

Schedrunova: And let's start first with the selection you made. Here I look at a report on this study, 198 employers. Not enough?.

Andrienkova: You know, let's define who we all talked.

Schedrunova: Who do you interviewed.

Andrienkova: The word ... In this case, we understand from this wide enough thing - it's all the organizers of economic activity, or the average scale srednebolshogo. What does this mean? . At the same time we are not talking, and it is very important to understand about a small group of oligarchs ( small - in terms of numbers, I mean ). This is a fairly large or medium-sized businesses, but it is not the business of international scale. It is about our normal actually, well, not medium, and large enough Russian businessmen, that is, people who own this production, restaurant chains, retail chains. Here's a group of people.

Schedrunova: But, strictly speaking, these are the people that the economy - and then build. Here they are, shall we say, the land of the economy. Everything else - it's a little bit more.

Andrienkova: It is true.

Schedrunova: So, big business and oligarchs, we derive the brackets, their names are on everyone's lips. Talking about people whom we can be, and do not know their names do not appear in the press, but, nevertheless, that their moods can really feel like someone is going to go or not is going to. Nevertheless, I return to this figure - 198 people. And, I noticed that you're all over the country, as I understand, people were asked, right?.

Andrienkova: Yes, these people were interviewed in different parts of the country.

Schedrunova: Why such a small figure? .

Andrienkova: In this case, in fact, our goal, it was not so complicated that we needed a lot of people. This is very important. If we set a goal to understand the structure of life, the way a businessman, his value orientation, we, of course, would require much more effort, resources and time. In this case, we asked ourselves some very specific questions that would like to convey to the general public, and in this case 200 people is enough figure to the limited, again, the goals we have pursued, to implement them. Although, of course, my dream would have been much more....

Schedrunova: Scan all, of course, it is desirable.

Andrienkova: No, all is not absolutely necessary, I do not statbyuro, but nevertheless, I certainly would have dreamed of a large, large-scale, such a study many thousands of businessmen.

Schedrunova: Please tell us how happy they respond to your questions, and how important frankly? .

Andrienkova: Yes, it was the personal interview or telephone interview, this depending on the desires and capabilities of human. We are very concerned at the fact on the issue of sincerity. The question we tried to ask a question really - if you want to leave the country or stay in a rude manner....

Schedrunova: With a trick, so to speak, the question.

Andrienkova: This is a very, very difficult question for anyone, especially someone who has something in this life, and the state is around, and competitors around, and just seven, and a lot of aggravating circumstances. We have tried to build his interviews in such a way to account for these factors. We never directly rude not trying to ask is a businessman, we have a very neat set of all sorts of possibilities for their future life path from which the departure was only one possibility. We have tried to do what they could.

Schedrunova: So you offered them a large variability of responses.

Andrienkova: Yes, we were offered a wide range of scenarios that they might realize, though not necessarily with a 100 per cent, namely in terms of probability. Because all of our lives, especially when we talk about the future, this is just some assumptions pursue opportunities rather than any precise intention.


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