Friday, April 6, 2012

Emigrant or immigrant?

Did you know that the term ... However, the term ... A ... That is, if you're Russian, and decided to move to Australia, then you are a Russian immigrant and an immigrant to Australia.
But that's not all differences.

If you look deeper, then both of these concepts can be embedded, and a somewhat different meaning. For immigrants include people who are forced by external circumstances, which is to leave the country. For example, military operations, hazardous environmental situation or economic. In such circumstances, people have to go anywhere, as long as living conditions were more favorable. In terms of choice of country of residence, the man grabs any available opportunity to enter more or less developed country, to then be able to legalize. As for work, then most likely it does not work in the specialty, and any little bit of decent earnings.
Immigrant also named a man who deliberately looking for a place where he could create the future prospects for themselves and their families, to a greater degree of self-realization as a professional, to improve his financial situation. To do this, he is looking for a country where economic, political and social situation is stable, the presence of people in the country of tolerance towards immigrants. And changing the country and nationality, if he does not lose from this?.
Well, in conclusion I would like to wish all departing still be immigrants than emigrants, it is in the understanding, which is described above.

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