Sunday, April 22, 2012

In 2007, a record amount invested in renewable energy


Currently about 5 % of global electricity generation (excluding hydro) accounted for by renewable resources. The largest of these is wind energy. In 2007 the volume of production increased by 28% compared with 2006 and reached 95 gigawatts. Rapidly evolving and solar energy: in 2007 production growth of 50 % to 7. 7 GW. In 50 million homes sun shines, warms, and otherwise supports life.

In general, the share of wind and solar energy had 47% and 30 % of the total investment. In 2006, the world's enterprises, ... Now, at least 60 countries in the world are government programs aimed at increasing the production of renewable energy.

Source of information:. OPEC. RU. ;. Center for Science and Innovation.

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