Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Internet will 'Virtual Sochi

The World of the global Internet will soon be a virtual tour of the resort city of Sochi, going to the page that represents the resorts and attractions of the city.

The decision was taken on Wednesday at the first planning meeting in the new year the city administration.

According to the Mayor of Sochi Viktor Kolodyazhny, ' it is time to adopt modern methods of advertising and promoting the holiday product '. ' After all, in connection with a future Olympic Games to our city shows a lot of attention, including abroad, ' - he said.

The site will be created based on the management of resort business and tourism, the city administration.

According to plans of the organizers, the visitors can not only get acquainted with the services of health resorts, but also book a room, to share experiences in a chat and a guest book and watch the ongoing life of the southern resort - a camera installed in the busiest parts of the city.

Starting an Internet portal is scheduled for late January. ITAR -TASS.

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