Monday, April 16, 2012

Browse blogs - number 10 bomber - White Negro

zebroblogger. seosfery -. white Negro. personally.

The name of his, he. rubbed. All that we can learn about this companion of his first post, is the fact that he lives in the Ukraine and learns from every party (1 year). Nick chose this, not on what sites are white, and black dory, is not that he is white and plans to plow as a black. Considering how the blacks in the United States, that is not working.

That is exactly what is obtained from semi-white: reports its figures do not shine. For more than six months and not lath taken in $ 100. Not taken and the plate of one hundred posts. Ebony wrote an average of 8-10 posts per month.

Actually about how he writes. If you read the review of Towelie, you should be familiar with matyukostilem. Ebony wrote carelessly and easily. Literacy calmly walk out without being afraid to leave the grown-up boy at home on the computer: rare mistakes, mistakes and turnovers malovnyatnye properly constructed only decorate the blog and create the right image.

The main theme of the blog - it is self-flagellation on ' what I am fucking lazy, but that's going to end session Wait. '. All this is abundantly diluted seo posts and sentries - I mean the reviews of the blogosphere. There, I wormed at one of the guards.

I rarely give advice, and this time I will give only a comment:.

' klikkeshmani Adsense and went vgoru '. -. 0. 4 and 4. 5 bucks. as compared with. 0.14 and a. 67. - It is not growth, and. fluctuations. (deviations from the mean ). Too small number compared to the bids to make any conclusions about the rise / fall. Yes, all the time,. ' uphill '. written separately.

And yet, blozhik good thing is I pick. Search for fish (themes ) and the universal sense there is. Conventional thinking usual Moneymaker. We can say, heavy working life. A big plus for the Negro is that. He does not try to run blogger. He plays in it. Oh, how is. from the heart. And thought there straight as a stick. And a healthy cynicism of light. Comparing with Towelie - there is clearly ill with cynicism in childhood cough and whooping cough.

To recommend to read it? . Read the first page and if you hook, then you will come again and again, especially because often times a month do not have to go.

As always, the direct link:.
niggaslife. blogspot. com.

You also want a public beating?. Add to. list of death row. As a sweet pill ( after a couple of candles in the ass ) straight back to my blog ( PR2/tITs40, attendance of 200 people per day).

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