Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tarja and Kipelov.

Tarja Turunen of rehearsals with the band ...

I arrived in Moscow yesterday, is a beautiful summer sun shines. I love it!.

In fact, I was very lucky because all the flights to Buenos Aires, the day before and the day after my arrival was canceled due to the ejection of volcanic ash Chilean.
The reason for my trip to Moscow:.

Today I had a good rehearsal with the Russian group ... They are very good people. I am very worried about his Russian language, but the band told me that I am making progress....
On Sunday in Samara at the festival ... My first time taking part in a Russian rock festival, is very glad.
According to the official website of the festival, they expect 250,000 people this time! . A good way to start a summer show. This is fantastic!.
Now I'm waiting for my flight to Samara, where the meeting of their group, and my brother Tony, who at the next show will be playing keyboards. (...).

We Will Rock in Samara a few days!.
With love, Tarja.

Source:. Kipfan. com.
source:. Blog Tarja Turunen (in English).

Ps: Alas, ' Rock on the Volga ' I'm not going this year = ( trip canceled at the last moment. I'll be watching. Internet broadcasting. , And the rest of what I wish.

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