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Passive income or Kiyosaki in Russian

Briefly retell paradigm Kiyosaki, the majority of people (' poor ' ) takes its accumulation in the passive, spending the last money to buy things which will be used solely for personal purposes ( car, house, mobile phone, a trip to the sea). It is in the eyes of the ' poor ' people and is the pinnacle of development - to earn and spend. ' Rich ' people spend on themselves only surplus. The main objective of the development of a rich man - money to create new money by creating a surplus that can already be spending for personal use.

T. e. summing up the ' poor ' people to solve their problems have to constantly work hard ( to death ). ' Rich ' man all his life creating sources of income, to have a regular source of funds, ensuring a comfortable life.

Continue to discuss this topic can be infinite, but the purpose of this post is not it, but an attempt to describe the potential sources of passive income in relation to Russia. Unfortunately, all that tells in his books, Kiyosaki, almost nevoplotimo in the Russian context. We do not have a cheap mortgage (3.5 %), we have virtually no opportunity to buy property without a mortgage, buying precious metals in the short term, Russia is unprofitable, and in the long term is almost no profit because of metals is realized only at the level of banks . So almost all the advice Kiyosaki does not apply in Russia (I think that in the CIS countries the situation is not better). There remains only one piece of advice - start thinking about how not to save money, and multiply!.

1) Pension.

For years, even decades hammered into us this thought: ' work, but after 60 the state will take care of you '. Actually, the comma after the word ' play' and the break of reality. At retirement, we expect that the state will take care of us, but working, we do not make any effort to make our pension was large enough.

I will reveal the great secret. State support for senior citizens is greatly exaggerated. All of us during the year are making a small amount in the form of pension deductions from wages to the pension fund. Yes, it is controlled by state-owned company, but the essence remains the same - for the entire period, as we work with some of our money on deposit and accumulate on reaching retirement age begins to be paid back. T. e. Our pension - it's not a gift from the state, it is our money that are held and how to BE multiply, and then returned in the form of pensions. So thanks for a low pension, you can only itself. Each year, every citizen receives an extract from the pension fund. I watched her - the accumulated amount is not enough for me even on my 1 month of standard expenses.

In the ' enlightened ' countries, pension fund significantly more. In addition, there are private pension funds and engaged in not only saving money, but their multiplication. In our - pension tax so ridiculous that it does nothing to control the. Correct the situation can be a bit part in the transfer of funded private pension funds, and voluntary contributions to increase. You can easily write a statement at work and to list two to three times more. However, I believe that pension funds - is for the lazy. In addition, I am embarrassed by the idea of ​​retirement savings: you invest in penny, and then to get a penny back - sometimes you want to get all the collected amount on hand. So quietly put retirement on the last place among the sources of passive income. But if you are other ways, too, do not like - try to have your salary was as white - this ensures the maximum for your contributions to the pension fund.

2) Deposit.

I, like Kiyosaki, an extremely negative attitude to mutual funds. Worst investment does not come up with. Or work directly with the shares ( if money is not enough, there are always brokers), or not at all. But mutual funds - is meaningless and also quite risky investment.

But with deposits now everything has become much more interesting. First, the state guarantees safety of deposits up to 700tys. rubles. The second point on the background of the crisis have increased deposit rates - for now it is 15% to 20%. Third, again, the crisis has brought about changes: now we can conclude a deposit agreement, which the dissolution does not deprive you of accrued interest.

Let's say you have 1 million. rub. Open up a 18% deposit - get income 180tys. / year. or 15tys. / month. You say 1 million. - A lot? . rubles (!), and thus guarantee a pension of 15tys. rubles / month. rest of your life. In my opinion, a very good pension.

In addition, when the time comes to move to the cemetery, you are sure that you will not be buried in a plastic bag, and relatives, even shed a tear avaricious, because the inheritance is left after you have a very decent.

Thus, the two deposits (or three?) To 500 thousand. solve your problem on the rest of your life. A great passive income for the lazy. Although this is not the way, from which I am personally delighted. But for the average employee with a salary of 15tys. rub. - The most it.

3) Work for the sake.

Dream of office plankton. Such work is not to work, and wages paid. In fact, such work is complete. She paid not very good, and sometimes even takes time, but very very free freebie is no.

It is difficult to generalize as a passive income, it turns out, so I'll just tell you how it happened, I. It just so happened that I was in my area is good and qualified specialist. So on my first job I went to meet them and keep jobs and wages, but the time I have - on call. Over time, I had the second such work. In sum, they bring around 11-12 thousand. rub. Works - 1-4 times a month to go for an hour or two at the same place and time in a month - more. My work often has the character harder to wipe the screen (I'm exaggerating ), but the salary is pleased with their regularity. Moreover, we must bear in mind that both organizations are still paying taxes for me - pension increases. ).

4) Business.

One of the most common ways to create passive income in Russia is today a business. Big or small - does not. Important: to create, promote, bring to a guaranteed income. Further variations: to find the manager, to put it so that only the monitor. and m. n.

4a) Rent.

The most simple and easy option of earning on the basis of their own business. Acquisition of real estate in Russia for this purpose it uninteresting: odnushki price is 15 -year lease - too big payback. But some are lucky and they are not the only flat due to various intricacies of relationships.

As of today, and I look to the real estate market. The current situation has forced builders to drop prices, and now there is a favorable situation for the purchase / construction of real estate. Another not so good as we would like, but should follow. Anything can slip. In addition, the market should start to grow confiscated property, and there prices are expected to more than enjoyable.

4b ), mini- shop. shop.

Being a shopkeeper nestydno. However, today the young people in this sector a little bit - still, all of the Internet and Bring govnosayty in Sapa. Recently, I showed you blog seller of meat, but is rather an exception to the rule. And in vain.

Small shops are stable enough to return, in terms of moving mobile, low-cost. Yes, there is a sea of ​​hemorrhoids, as in any business. But the scheme is very simple: store- wholesaler - buyer. Once a week pick up the goods on the base, put up for sale the seller.

To put such a business and bring it to profit, takes about 5-7 years. Some - faster, but we will focus on the top bar. In the future, the workflow becomes so routine that you can do it with one hand or even delegated to mercenaries.

In fact, something like running any other intermediary business, but the shop is much more stable: eat and drink, fortunately, people will always. Yes, it can be placed next to the super and the lure of all buyers, but may run over competitors or criminals. But to solve these problems in the fire regime, and you will have the best 5-7 years. Then - this is just routine - you will be hard to impress.

Should we expand? . Or maybe you have never seen the skills to manage. But, IMHO, the network Chipka the city - this is not the format for the creation of which it makes sense to apply management skills.

4c) and the Pyramid of Investments.

If you throw the various fraudulent schemes, is a lot of options, how to be at the start of a large and stable business in the future to receive dividends from it, not taking a direct part.

This MLM company, for example, the same or Oriflame Faberlic. This investment involved in startups. This and various refovodstvo. Getting involved wherever possible, at least in percentage, half a percentage point, a quarter per cent, you warrant to a relatively calm and stable income. Yes, as every investor, you will need to keep your nose to the wind and keep track of their assets ( and increase or reduce them). But it already does not require regular continuous participation. Rather, it is a nice hobby.


Of course, one can read this, start vopet: ' No one can believe in! . Actually, once you've started this screaming is just close this blog, remove it from the reader and easy to work in an office or a factory, hoping that you will still grab the opportunity and perepadet rest of his life, nervously twitching on call at the door, spend the . But I want to believe that something is changing in this country and every day those who are counting on help from above, smaller, and those who make their own lives and not just as a long-term perspective - more. Good luck!.

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