Sunday, March 18, 2012

Alutek ALU 760 gift for the movie and music lovers

News_13062_1_MDLong gone are the days when computer assembly was considered somewhat complicated and requires special skills - now collect the system unit of the selected components can be any schoolboy. The problem of compatibility is practically eliminated, and the producers of ' iron ' out to all the higher level of quality. But here's the rub - a balanced media corps, on the basis of which you can build your system, now is most lacking in the market and the demand for them grows more and more. Realizing this, the manufacturer Alutek, specializing in more precisely on multimedia packages, today presents its new model - ALU 760.

The basic concept of multimedia solutions lies in the fact that the computer has long ceased to be a thing in itself, and is the center of the multimedia world, often surpassing the popularity of all other home devices. Therefore, it is natural that more and more computers are close to the appliance and are as simple to use and manage. Requirements for noise reduction enclosures are also growing more and more, t. to. background noise spoils the atmosphere of music or movies. All these requirements were taken into account by engineers when designing the model Alutek ALU 760, which turned out really high-quality.

The front panel and the whole body is made entirely of aluminum, which has good thermal conductivity, which will provide a competent heat removal from the system. Proprietary through IMON remote control allows full control of watching videos, listening to music, as well as power system. Built-in card reader, USB 2. 0 on the front panel display for inside information and the ability to connect additional cooling systems make this building a great gift for all movie and music lovers. The cost of the device with the ability to purchase in Russia: 7800 rubles.

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