Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Home security system AlertMe - a solution based on mobile phone

news_13570_2_MDRecently, on sale of home security systems and monitoring AlertMe, working with mobile phone.

Installing the system is carried out independently without the need to run wires, drill walls or time off from work to wait for the optional installers. The system works with sensors and transmitters keys that send alerts via SMS- message or e- mail. You can also make additional settings for a particular group of subscribers alert to the real-time to keep them informed of developments. This eliminates the possibility of false positives, but the creators have made the system much more advanced than a standard alarm: If the secure - key charms of all family members, then, for example, parents can receive timely notification of the fact that children are safely returned home.

The system is sold AlertMe manufacturer's web site at a price of 399 pounds ( about 800 U.S. dollars).
Price: $ 800.

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