Friday, May 4, 2012

HP: People are tired of paying for Cisco

HP Networking. Currently focused on increasing the proportion of HP's network equipment market. Buy 3Com for $ 2.7 billion last year, helping us in this, and even more - the recently launched campaign, the essence of which - a 20 % discount for customers migrating from Cisco.

Cisco - is the main competitor to HP's networking market. The share of Cisco's switching equipment delivery in the third quarter was 70% (67% last year ), and the HP only 11 % - had the same 3Com, when there was a part of HP.

However, in. interview. , Haas convincingly described the fundamental advantages of the global market, which will occupy a dominant position HP. First of all - it is integrated delivery. Haas said that his company is unique in the world has to offer holistic cloud solutions, so it produces all the elements of the IT infrastructure - from. erver, storage systems, network management software, services, etc.. And that, in addition to all other advantages, provides a unified and compatible enough choices. Patented technology from Cisco and actual monopoly limited compatibility and is more and more customers are not satisfied, said Marius Haas. In an interview he also said that HP has already completed or ongoing transitions. Cisco Systems equipment. the amount of 9 billion. Competition is always useful to ordinary users, so for us all these troubles are only for the benefit of. Haas full interview can be found at the link above.

Source: newenterprise. allthingsd. com.

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