Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glossary of the young webmaster

AVM. - Adult Webmaster literally, t. e. specialist who loot hack for porn. Often, in fact vebmasteringom (creation and promotion of sites ) is not engaged in. Just a man who works in the porn industry on the Internet.

sap. - Exchange links SAPE. ru, colloquial vernacular expression.

siege. - (CJ) a special script that takes a visitor, processes it and sends it to the action to another site or throws on the content ( skim ). Literally, it looks like this: user entered, klatsnul on the image or link, and found on another site ( trade ) or where it had expected ( skim ).

Trade, Trade. - Exchange visitors.

skim. - The flow of the domestic content. T. e. do you have on your website gallery, and if the user links to your site falls on them - it's skim.

Drocher, gorse. - Porn site visitor, one who could later pay for this coin.

spon. - Sponsor, vernacular name of the company that offers an affiliate program.

Refka, refferal link. - A reference to an affiliate program that takes into account the user code that you gave it. If you sign up for refferal link, then you will not be removed, but spontaneous in its share of the interest you are paying for the master who gave you a link to Spohn.

referral. - Master, register with the sponsor on the refferal link.

content. - Materials: texts, graphics and so on, which is the site of. Design and content of the site are not considered. Analogy: a book - cover, type of paper back - it's design and layout, text and pictures - Content.

Satellite, govnosayt. - A site that search engines have done for. Typically, the satellite is made up of unique content, has its own domain of the second and third level has its own unique design. But as the site of the sense of it is not large for the average user. It is used for making the links, to attract and redirect users to other sites without redirect.

Dore, doorway. - (Doorway) usually Page, stuffed under the nehochu key phrases, which is fed to the search engine, but when approaching the average user is redirected to the Spohn. T. e. you are looking for example ' home furniture ' in Google and see megasayt, click, and throws you on a furniture house, and not a reference to the furniture that was in Google. Dora usually do dorogeneratorami of 100-500 on the same domain. Dora - a gray- black seo, dory banyatsya search engines for search engine spam. So you have to constantly look for them to buy new servers and domains. However, the dory is one of the highest quality traffic sources, and many adverts use them in working with sponsors, who pay a percentage of sales.

adverts. - The master, who advertises ( adverts - to advert) Sponsor.

Traffic, traf. - The flow of visitors to the site.

Seo. (SEO) - the connection to a site, implying resulted in increased inflow of visitors to the site mainly from search engines. However, in recent years, the significance of this word devalued and now stands for everything that is somehow related to the involvement of users on the site.


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