Saturday, May 26, 2012

Business Development.

Yesterday, sitting almost at full strength, and discussed what type of business venturing further and how to develop our entity. For delivery of restaurant meals fit the following areas:.

  • catering and catering. For example, the provision of portable keg of beer from the mini- cooling facilities for picnics;.

  • Send flowers;.

  • delivery of stuffed animals (as a result we can give a complete set, or for whose DR - cake, champagne, bears and flowers. A ditYam - ice cream. );.

  • services of a personal driver (taxi ), which we discussed earlier - anlim rates and search for travel companions.

Something like. I was most impressed by the addition taksovym business, because it allows you to improve the content of the drivers. And given that our idea of ​​forming our own little niche, it can be claimed. In addition, we do not need a huge flow of. We need it as a burn- in fact.

But there was an idea that differs from it all. Open a beer point. Just a template for a business trade beer. Get everything in the lease, including contracts, lease premises, slightly repaired and start pouring. Costs within the 50ti of thousands of rubles. We began to argue when evaluating business interestingness. On the one hand, they open up like mushrooms, so the market is. On the other hand, when you start to believe is not that much, even profitably. In addition, those Pivnyak I know, do not look very rich... Does anyone have experienced this, could comment on that?.

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