Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The bones of the planet: the earth under the X-ray

Penetrating particles are neutrinos will ...

Unusual properties of neutrinos of any surprise: without incurring a charge and virtually no mass, they practically do not interact with other particles. Free to travel the universe for hundreds of thousands of light years neutrinos have never faced any of them. They emit huge quantities of the sun, and every second through each square centimeter of our body are tens of billions of neutrinos - no impact.

Neutrinos come in three different ... n. fragrances and aroma of the neutrino is not fixed, the same particle is often transferred from one to another as a result of neutrino oscillations. As a result, each contains a neutrino flux of neutrinos of different flavors in different proportions. The exact ratio will depend on their distance, overcoming the particle, and interactions with other particles, held during this time.

This allowed the researchers to propose Peruvian interesting idea. They offer to fix the neutrino flux produced by a special setting on one side of the Earth, with a detector at the other site of the earth's surface. Passing through the thickness of the planet, the neutrino will oscillate, going from one flavor to another, and some details of this process will be determined by the peculiarities of their interaction with matter of different densities. Thanks to the neutrino can be used as ...

Such a proposal is not sound for the first time, but this time the authors have gone further and examined in detail, as will affect the neutrinos passing through Earth's hidden under the surface of different densities, different shapes and sizes. They concluded that the method allows detection of the cavity dimensions of 200 km in diameter, filled with water, iron-containing minerals and, most importantly, oil. Moreover, the exploration will need no more than three months but not years required by traditional methods.

Moreover, the same way as is possible to detect hidden under the surface area of abnormal accumulation of charge. These findings are extremely interesting for seismologists, which suggest a connection between such ...

However, experts believe that this work may be too optimistic. If only because, for practical use, it requires obtaining the neutrino flux is several thousand times more intense than that available modern tools. In order to improve and detectors. But when they created the necessary technology, nobody can not say yet.

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